Monday, January 28, 2008

College Is So Boring

College is so boring sometimes I wish I would just graduate already. But then I talk to some friends and they are like... no, stay in college. But I just want to get out of here and to the next step in my life. But who doesn't? It seems this is an endless cycle of continuing to the next step.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Facebook and Myspace?

Really... who cares who has more traffic.
We all know that myspace was so yesterday and facebook is today.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Graduation Stoles

The majority of college students across the United States wear graduation stoles to their commencement ceremony. Graduation stoles are meant to be worn above the gown and over the shoulders of graduates.

Make sure at you don't have a crazy fall at graduation like this student!

The meaning behind graduation stoles varies depending on the specific grad and the type stole. In some cases graduates will wear more than one. Some schools have traditional stoles that all grads are required or recommended to wear. These are often purchased at the school bookstore when renting a cap and gown. Students generally get to keep the cap and stole while returning the gown (which is rented).

Some fraternities or sororities wear matching graduation stoles. These are created to match organization colors or school colors. Ethnic or culturally based organizations also wear stoles to smaller ethnic specific graduation ceremonies (i.e. PGrad, VGrad, Chicano Graduation, etc.) and the common graduation ceremony.

One type of graduation stole is the stole of gratitude

The Stole of Gratitude

The Stole of Gratitude is worn during the commencement ceremony. After the ceremony, the new graduate presents the Stole of Gratitude to someone who provided extraordinary help or support, i.e., parents, relatives, or mentors who have helped with wisdom, words of support, or with financial assistance. Immediately after graduation,
the graduate may take the stole from around his/her neck and place it around the neck
of the recipient. More than one stole may be worn during commencement, symbolizing that there are multiple persons destined to receive Stoles of Gratitude.

Find out more about the origins and histroy of the graduation stole.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Graduation Stole

This article provides a little into the history and origin of the graduation stole


Various hypotheses have been suggested concerning the origin of the stole. The theory formerly universally held, but quite wrong, that it originated in the ornamental trimming of a garment called "stole", which in the course of time disappeared leaving behind only this trimming, has been abandoned. The theory that traced the stole to the Jewish praying mantle has also been given up. At the present time the stole is either traced back to a liturgical napkin, which deacons are said to have carried, or to a neckcloth formerly peculiar to priests or it is regarded as a liturgical badge (introduced at the latest in the fourth century) which first came into use in the East, and then in the West.

Depending on what church one is a member of, a stole holds different purposes. For Roman Catholics the stole is conferred at the ordination of a deacon. In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI is pictured wearing an embroidered papal stole.

Today graduation stoles are custom made in many color fabrics and trims. Common graduation stoles have on them:
  1. The School Name
  2. Graduating Class (i.e. Class of 2008)
  3. Greek Letters
  4. Cultural Flags, patterns or designs.
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